Recruiting New Graduate Students

GSAG, with cooperation from the MSE administration, plans and hosts the graduate student recruitment weekend.  Recruitment weekend is essential in recruiting the best new graduate students.  Recruitment features an introduction to the types of research performed, lab tours, a tour of campus and the surrounding area, and an introduction to the social scene of Atlanta.

Peer Mentoring

GSAG’s Mentorship Task Group pairs mentors and mentees and welcomes new students to GT. The Task Group also plans and runs the Welcome Back and Industry day poster sessions in the fall.

Improving Faculty – Student Relations

We know that it is easy to stay isolated in ones own research grown, but the department has a wide range of faculty, who are excited to meet students outside their group.  In order to foster faculty-student relations outside the lab, GSAG is working to design new events and opportunities.

Improving Graduate Student Graduation Timeline

In order to help our students graduate in a timely manner, GSAG is hosts workshops on Passing Quals, the Proposal Process, the Thesis Defense, and more! Be on the look out for emails with details on these workshops.

Welcoming International Students

GSAG recognizes the particular challenges of being an international student at Georgia Tech. To this extent, the International Student task group leads an annual welcome walking tour, plans social events to create a more inclusive environment, and gives advice to international students to help them navigate life at GT and in Georgia (finances, banks, transportation/driving, taxes, awareness of scams, etc.)

Monitoring Graduate Student Stipends

The Stipend Monitoring task group that has been collects and prepares data to present to the faculty graduate committee to raise the take-home pay of the graduate students. This task group will monitors the progress of the stipend raise implementation and ensure that data comparing our department’s graduate pay to others at GT and peer institutions remains up to date.

Represent the Graduate Students to the Department Administration

GSAG is often the first group the administration looks to for student feedback to potential changes to department policies.  Additionally, GSAG makes suggestions for the consideration of the administration and faculty. Currently, GSAG is focused on helping improve the MSE Graduate Student Curriculum.

If you have any comments or concerns on our current initiatives or suggestions for new initiatives, please don’t hesitate to contact us.